Timeless Paths -Second Beach, Newport – Rhode Island

Minimalist Beach Photography 

Part 1/3

“In the dream world

It is all I see, 

In walking 

It is all I dream”


(Describing the art of walking our dreams out to their unknown destinations)

Second Beach – Newport, Rhode Island 

rhode island minimalist beach photography - conch shell


Minimalism invokes calmness. When we are face to face with the essential our trivial concerns disappear. Building the bridge in our minds from where we are to what we envision has its challenges. Within my own life, I believe minimalism has sparked a path that brings that vision front and center. Through photographs, words, and inspiration I aim to signify the essential essence of life. Pull back distracts, and fear while pointedly reminding us of our potential often hidden in plain sight.

The essential nature of this photograph is built in three parts. First, we have the soft blue, almost monochromatic tone contrasted against the orange conch shell. Tones help bring us into the mood of the photo. Darker tones, give off somber vibes while brighter colors tend to seem to lift our mood. The combination of opposing tones exemplifies how artists can casually guide our eyes to the essential parts of the photograph. 

Next, we have separation of focal points. Space, and the lack of objects is a clear representation of minimalism. The conch shell, water, and gentleman in the distance are all separate focal points. A way to tell what is essential is to look at an image for a brief moment and think about what you saw. Write down the few main points, and then go back and study it once again. What you will notice is that you have picked up on the main subject and a few separated focal points. 

All together, we reach the third part of this photo which is the essential emotion, and mood. By tying the tone, focal point, composition with the human element of a stranger we can extract how it makes us feel. Everyone might feel a little bit different, but overall the vibration of this photo is unmistakingly somber. 

Find The Essential Nature


We have the ability to enter our minds and walk out any thought. I encourage you if you are receptive to take some time and find YOUR essential nature. It will be solely your own search, unsatisfied by what can be spoken unto you. I appreciate the support, the community, and vigilantes of those who read – Jacob

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