The Fine Art Paper

Mystic Vision Photography is here providing our customers with the highest quality fine art available. From the careful and well thought out preparation of the shot, to finely selected material of our fine art papers. When you order a print from Mystic Vision you will be able to select from our wide selection of Fine Art Papers. We use four different type of paper and below we will explain how to choose the right one for your unique need. Always remember we are here to help you and can be contacted by email at or by phone 401-835-5297.

Kodak Professional Endure Premier Paper 

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     Kodak Professional Endura Premier Paper is the gold standard in professional printing. Known for the accurate color rendition, realistic saturation and the intensity it produces in the blue, cyan, purple and red colors. Keeping quality over time Endura is archival for 100 years in home display and 200 years in dark room.

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*We recommend Kodak Professional Endura Premier for those looking to create a classic and vibrant feel. (Photograph above is of an actual print zoomed in to macro to focus on texture exclusively. Also note that prints on Kodak Endure Premier Paper appear smooth to the naked eye.)

Kodak Endura Premier Metallic Paper


     Kodak Endura Premier Metallic Paper is eye catching giving the visual of being three-dimensional by using a patterned process of both film and laminate layering. Endura Metallic produces large color gamuts perfect for reflective and lively prints. Looking for either color or black and white this Metallic fine art paper will reflect your need. Lasting to top archival standard of 100 years on display and 200 in darkroom. We can look forward to the years to come with this Kodak print.

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*We recommend Kodak Endura Metallic Paper for those who love ultra-bright colors and lively reflections. (Photograph above is zoomed in to Macro to focus on the reflective texture.)

Ilford True B&W Fine Art Paper 


     Ilford True B&W is a Fine Art Paper that produces the great tonal contrast that we want in black and white photography prints. Using a silver based emulsion rather than a die base assures our customers that no color tint leaks into the print that comes with using ink-jet processes. Along with the smooth matte finish that Ilford uses we are able to produce beautifully looking archival wall art. Art that not only will be here today but lasts up to 100 years on display.

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*We recommend that Ilford True B&W fine art paper be used exclusively with monochrome and black & white prints. (Photograph above is a zoomed in photo of actual print to show tone.)


German Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper


     German Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper is a 310 gsm matte paper that is acid free and lightly textured. Hahnemuhle creates a delicate watercolor feel and lives up to the highest industry standards regarding density, color gamut and image sharpness. Archival prints that can be displayed for one-hundred years give an authentic fine art feel to your favorite photography.

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*We recommend German Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper for those who are looking for a soft water color feel. Along with color prints monochrome and black & white have a great textured fine art feel and we highly recommend this paper. (Photo above taken with iPhone 6 plus to show texture of the German Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper.)