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Sakonnet Point Lighthouse

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Sakonnet Point Lighthouse Little Compton, Rhode Island


Just off the shore in Little Compton, RI sits the Sakonnet Point Lighthouse. Able to weather the fiercest storms this cast iron lighthouse has stood since 1884. The lighthouse can be viewed from a private beach that stretches Sakonnet Point and you may find parking at the end of Rhode Island, Rd. Be aware though, due to the strict parking rules during the summer this location is best viewed off-season in the fall and winter. 

Personally, I enjoy Little Compton most in the cold winter months. Which happen to be when the best conditions for seascape photography occur. I arrived this past week to crashing waves, harsh winds, and packed hand warmers to battle away the cold.

Immediately, as I walked out onto the shoreline the ice that had formed on the rocks caught my eye. Whenever I explore to create a new fine art photograph I try to use an element in the foreground to bring interest to the overall subject. Even though the Sakonnet Point Lighthouse in the distance is small, it helps break the horizontal lines and adds depth to the photo. As each segment between the rocks, waves, clouds and the lighthouse built interest leading us into the light. 

In black and white photography, light is key. While contrast can also be a huge assistant in creating a dynamic photograph. By combining, light and contrast it is almost as though you can feel the energy of the bright sun. With the crashing wave frozen in time and icy rock the time of year is ever present, a New England winter is upon us. 

Lighthouse Coastal Art


Even though this stretch of pristine shoreline is private and often hidden from the mass public I encourage others to explore its beauty. Remember to be cautious and courteous of the environment on your travels. Especially with this seascape that often is hammered with beach erosion. As you may know saving our beaches, and coastlines for future generations is a passion of mine. Conservation they say starts with education, and I hope my art can inspire others to love nature’s beauty. 


Jacob Parece 



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