Rhode Island’s Hidden Beaches – Seascape Photography at Warren’s Point Beach

Rhode Island’s Hidden Beaches 

 Warren’s Point Beach, Little Compton


I’ve known about Warren’s Point Beach, Little Compton for a while now. Only, recently have I had the time and remembering to chase light on this private southern Rhode Island beach. Knowledgeable to the members of the Warren’s Point Beach Club and rarely outsiders, this beach stands in immaculate condition. This consequently is due to privatized beach conditions that are aided by not having traffic and trash. If you are respectful and go in the winter this beach can be a wonderful coastal walk.

Rhode Island's Hidden Beaches, Warren's Point Beach, Little Compton, RI

Dating back to the last Ice Age 11,000 years ago Little Compton’s seascape was shaped by large ice melt, boulders, and soil deposits spread throughout. Warren’s Point Beach is living proof of that unique coastline of Southeast, Rhode Island.

To photograph the Sakonnet Point Lighthouse, from Warren’s Point Beach I decided to use a zoom lens. I wanted to give the ocean a sense of depth and power as the rain storm off the coast was still in effect. Sea spray, haze, and a bright sun created daunting & exciting conditions. I climbed atop the massive boulder formation and sank low in the grass to get the composition I wanted. 

The ocean is a powerful engine as seen in this seascape photograph, never exhausted, it thralls over and over upon the shore. I believe art is similar as we approach breaking our mental chains. While the potential may be hidden, the horizon foggy without hope in sight, the artist thralls for success. Thus, I see this absorption is the success we chase and the value is in the work we display. 

 Seafoam Fine Art Photography 


seafoam fine art photography

Seafoam fine art photography is a clear representation of how being absorbed in the moment can create timeless keepsakes. It may be that you never stumble upon one of Rhode Island’s hidden beaches, but this Seafoam photograph may inspire memories of coastal living. From here on, I plan to continue searching for small scenes from the New England coastline to bring back for others to display in home or office. Thank you for taking the time to explore this timelessness with me – Jacob. 




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