Nauset Beach, Orleans – Cape Cod Seascape Photography

Cape Cod Seascape Photography

Nauset Beach, Orleans


I’ve chased this long distant sight. Often, away from the boundaries my eyes first glanced upon. Golden light, wisps of pearl clouds bring us, closer in. Cracking of the shell, an echo, an ode, to the trilogy of mind, body and soul. I walked down to the ocean, over those dunes. Only to greet emptiness dancing inside those quiet breaths. To be alive, no greater meaning.

Cape Cod has been enjoyable as I continue my beach and boardwalk photography series. Unlike, Rhode Island’s rocky seascapes Cape Cod’s beach dunes run for endless miles along the Massachusetts coast. I traveled down Route 6, 85 miles from home to Nauset Beach in Orleans, which is not to be confused with Nauset Light Beach. To my surprise Nauset was busy with surfers, and Cape Codders walking the beach.

Cape Cod seascape photography can have its challenges if you aren’t willing to embrace human nature. For this reason, the beach and boardwalk series perfectly complements the use of stranger.

Embracing The Unexpected

Sepia Cape Cod Beach Dune Photography

As I approached the beach path, I noticed two gentlemen standing at the highest point of the sand dunes overlooking Nauset. Luckily, the only clouds that added interest to the scene appeared in the east. Over and over, I took photographs of their expressions. I did so as discreetly as possible, but wanted to ultimately capture their essence in the moment. It wasn’t until I got back into the office that I realized the auspiciousness of this sepia photograph. Alike his open arms expression the moment captured something greater than just the landscape, and for that I am thankful. 


The Warm Light of Nauset Beach

Nauset Beach, Orleans, Cape Cod Seascape Photography - Sepia


Afterwards, I moved out over the dunes and headed onto the beach. I nestled near the water with my tripod touching the incoming tidal waves. Back and forth people walked, while surfers waited for that perfect wave. Patience took over, and I relaxed into the scene. Another photographer was sitting along the beach wrapped in blankets shooting the surfers riding the waves. I turned my camera to the leading line of the incoming waves and hit the shutter. The small waves imprinted like brush strokes, the clouds stretched out over the infinite stretch of beach dunes, and everything seemed to magically come together. As the Newport, Rhode Island surfer I met on the beach said so eloquently. . . 

. . . “There’s Nothing Like Cape Cod Light.” 

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