Hauling Wind – Mount Hope Bridge Black and White Photography

Mount Hope Bridge

Bristol, Rhode Island


The Mount Hope Bridge often symbolizes home for those who grew up in Bristol, Rhode Island. If I said it didn’t hold that same meaning it wouldn’t be true. Every time my creative spirit is low, and I can’t seem to envision a photo I go back. 

Recently, I made the personal decision to buy my childhood house from my mother, Hope. (No joke she has the same name as the bridge). Going through the process has been stressful, exciting, thoughtful, and every other human emotion you can think of. I wouldn’t trade this moment for anything and I am exactly where I want to be. Rhode Island, lives in my blood and I can’t wait to continue my future black and white photography adventures here. 

Mount Hope Bridge Fine Art


Memories are powerful, and Art helps us hold them in time . . . 

In the depth of this black and white photo you can see seagulls flying into the hauling wind, sense the incoming drama of crashing waves, and almost feel the warmth of winter’s end. At least that is what I felt, and continue to recollect when I view this photo. 

Each seascape photo I take is based off of my spiritual center. Water draws us in, and has a spiritual component often unspoken about. We are the water, and water is who we are in essence. I try to capture that essence and silently remind my viewers of the power of water, and nature. Often, these photos are a reminder for me to give thanks for this life and that I shall do. I would like to conclude by sharing an original contemplative short poem that I wrote by the water side. 

“Soaked in sadness, 

Seagull’s sung.”


Thank you from my heart for taking time to read and connect. I truly appreciate it – Jacob. 





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