Indian Island Light Photography – Rockport Harbor, Maine

Indian Island Light Photography

 Rockport Harbor, Maine

Indian Island Light Maine Black and White Photography

Indian Island Light located in Rockport Harbor, Maine was sure a surprise I stumbled upon during my last summer trip. While camping in Rockport at the Megunticook Campground my boyfriend and I walked down to the observation deck of our cabin to scope out the area. 

Drizzling turned to a storm rolling in, and I decided to head back to the cabin. Weather on the coast turned dramatically multiple times on my trip, but that’s what you get for being in New England. Knowing this, I didn’t want to miss a chance at capturing a black and white photograph. Hastily, I moved uphill to grab the right equipment. 

Upon, returning I noticed Indian Island Light located far away in the distance. Using the largest zoom lens I had in my bag I decided to take a shot at it. This privately owned island lighthouse is only accessible by boat, but luckily can be photographed safely from shore.

Though, I enjoyed taking the black and white photograph of Indian Island Light, it was the time I spent with my boyfriend watching the Osprey fish that brings back memories. Birds of prey have always interested me. Thus the rise of Osprey due to their resurgence on the New England coastline attributes to the greater awareness of this bird of prey. Spotted during the summer months flying high above lakes, marshes and beaches are a magnificent sight to behold. 

Memories I believe keep us moving forward. When times are tough, and the future remains unknown, we can always acknowledge what we are grateful to have. Thus, for myself this fine art print represents a moment I cherish each time I look back at it. 

Thank you for taking time to read and view my black and white Maine art. I enjoy traveling and creating art. It wouldn’t be possible without you the clients who find the same passion and joy of viewing thoughtful art. 

  • Jacob 


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