Black and White Beach Photos For Sale

Black and White Beach Photos For Sale



The winter doesn’t always seem like the kind of weather for a walk on the beach. I on the other hand spend more time at the beach during the winter than in summer. The tourists have left, and now the beaches are a quiet oasis for photographers. So when I heard we were going to have our first big storm of 2017 here in Rhode Island, I prepared and readied myself. Second Beach in Newport, Rhode Island is my favorite beach and with snow drifts ahead, I wanted to capture an awe inspiring black and white beach photograph.


Winter & Second Beach Dunes

Late afternoon clouds, swiftly moved east to west. The sun hid slightly behind the partly cloudy sky, and the wind swirled unpredictably. I parked at Sachuest Wildlife Refuge upon arrival, and decided to walk the beach. I hoped to see a Snowy Owl who is often spotted, but to no avail this time. Just one step in front of the other, and wind howling against the seashore. 

Once, I saw the clouds incoming I knew if I was patient enough a photo would come together. While quietly sitting in the snow I tried to take in the moment. Sometimes quiet in my life is sparingly available with the business of every day life. Taking moments to wander and get lost in art helps me relax, and refocus my energy. 

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Black and White Photography & Poetry 

This photo reminds me of a poem by Ryokan, a Zen poet. “The path is hidden, by snow, invisible, but thoughts of you lead me onward.” The poem is a great analogy of the creation of black and white fine art photography. Each photo is hidden in this vast open landscape. To be present, to explore the possibilities of light, setting, mood, and texture lead us a step closer into listening to each step, and hint that beauty has arrived.

Onward, I shall move to create art that gives a sense of Zen, eternity and timelessness. A moment, alike this so fleeting and frail, yet powerful for within a given moment lies unlimited possibility. I am grateful to have stumbled upon this natural Zen rock garden earthed out of wind, water, air, and the sun’s fire. 

Also, I would like to give an opportunity to take home 100 year archival black and white beach photos for sale, here, and look to continue to bring fleeting moments back for years to come. For limited time use coupon code, Black and White Beach Photos and receive 10% off on any print 16″x20″ and larger. 


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