Beavertail State Park Artwork – Lighthouses – Storms & Sunsets

Beavertail Lighthouse Fine Art 


Rhode Island is home to 384 miles of tidal coastline and is a seascape dream for local and traveling photographers. Being able to travel an hour to Jamestown, RI when the weather is right has rewarded me with quality Beavertail State Park artwork. I’ve photographed in many different conditions whether it is in the snow, during storms, or even during illuminating sunsets. Each piece speaks its own story of light, tone, and reflects the season when it was captured. 

Black and White Seascape Storm Photography 


Beavertail Lighthouse Art - Coastal Rhode Island Storm

Storm chasing, and watching the clouds pass is something I deeply enjoy. Crashing waves, the fury of the thrall splashing up just feet away bring me into the present-now. The daily distractions from my own life disappear, and my creative mind sparks. The black and white photograph depicted above is an intimate example of how I try to paint with a camera. Though, I can’t actually paint anything worth buying, I can use varying shutter speeds to give the painterly effect of moving water. Big swells give the best effect, and help me dream once more about being a painter. 

After The Snow Storm – Light Rays at Beavertail State Park


Beavertail State Park Winter Black and White Seascape Art

During the first snow storm of 2017 I captured this black and white seascape photograph. With the wind in my face, and the sun hidden behind the clouds I carefully cropped the lighthouse and rays of light hitting the ocean. It is easy to forget about the long drive, and the cold weather when I take home Beavertail State Park artwork that is ready for others to enjoy. 

Beavertail Sunset 


Beavertail sunset - Beavertail State Park Artwork

If you enjoy watching sunsets Beavertail State Park is a must! To the west of the lighthouse the sun sets. Whether it is in the winter sitting in the car or on the rocky cliff during the summer I’ve never been disappointed. On this special occasion the sun setting illuminated the passing clouds only for a moment. It all came together as do all good things in due time. 








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