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Beavertail Lighthouse Art 

 Beavertail State Park

Aquarium & Museum


Sitting atop the rocky cliff side at the tip of Jamestown, Rhode Island is the Beavertail Lighthouse. If you never have been to this New England seascape it is well worth the trip. Beavertail State Park has plenty of parking, woodlands, ocean and wildlife activities for families. Furthermore, Beavertail Aquarium is open to the public, and offers walking tours, tide pool exploration, and other special activities.


beavertail state park aquarium, black and white, foghorns

Rhode Island surely has taken care of this state park, and lighthouse since the 1856 rebuild after a fire destroyed the original. Along with the rebuild they installed a fog horn, which is also still in use today. Be aware, it is LOUD!

Recently, I decided to photograph this fog horn and aquarium as the ideal mood arose. I loved how the shadows of the fence give depth and attention to the foreground snow. Complimented by a lobster trap and Beavertail Aquarium Ranger Naturalist sign I feel my eyes move naturally towards the focal point.

You may even have noticed the QR code attached to the sign. This matrix like barcode can be used in conjunction with smart phones. Once scanned, you are transferred to the website and immediately provided with historical or descriptive information which is in reference to the sign placement. Thus, QR codes at Beavertail are a fun and exciting way to learn history through walking. Bring a friend, the dog, or go scanning alone! 

New England Lighthouse Art 

Beavertail Lighthouse Art, Fine Art Prints, New England Seascape PhotographyI’ve always wanted to produce a black and white lighthouse photo in which only the tower reaches toward the sky, and now I believe that search is over. I’ve explored many Beavertail Lighthouse art compositions, and it is always exciting to look for something out of the norm. Different tides, lightening, and weather on this coastline make it a dream for seascape photographers. As Mark Twain said well,

“If you don’t like the weather in New England now, just wait a few minutes.” 


If you enjoyed the read, or fine art, please share. By connecting to others I am able to continue to bring art, and awareness to the beauty of the New England coastline. Truly, without you the active readers, and clients my message would sadly be silent. So lets bring awareness and art! For now I’m off on another adventure. – Sincerely, Jacob 



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