A Mystic Vision

New England Coastal Fine Art


North Light – Block Island, Rhode Island (New Shoreham)


ABOUT THE ARTIST: Jacob Parece is a New England fine art landscape photographer from small-town Warren, Rhode Island who captures the beauty of the coast through his unique vision. From rivers running through the forests of Connecticut, to the seascape beaches of Rhode Island each moment in time is captured in a simple and profound way.

His living philosophy, “sky is ground and ground is sky” connects the depths of spiritual awakening to the silent awe of the natural world. The Mystic Vision aims to inspire us to feel into ourselves, our own visions and aspirations to move us deeper within ourselves.

Jacob blends traditional fine art landscape photography with modern techniques such as long exposure and intentional camera movement. The result creates expression in scenes that place us back into the moment they were taken. Fine art materials such as archival papers and fine metals are used to bring out the beauty in each selected piece. Each piece is seamlessly printed on a material of choice, bringing to life the highest quality print available to fine art enthusiasts today.